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Arts, Books, Literature

  • Art at the Smithsonian
    The Smithsonian artists' files are an exceptionally valuable resource for art historical research done on emerging regional and local artists and often are the only obtainable sources of information. The site is busily cataloging over 100,000 files that contain exhibition announcements, newspaper and magazine clippings, press releases, brochures, reviews, invitations, illustrations, resumes, artists' statements, and exhibition catalogs.
  • Literary Reference Center
    What is it? Full text of literary journals and respected literary reference works. Contains plot summaries, literary criticism, author biographies and interviews, and the full text of thousands of poems and short stories. Why use it? Research an author, novel, or poem for school or personal interest. Learn more about a literary movement for book discussions.
  • Literature On-Line
    The American & English Literature Collection contains many works of poetry, drama, and prose based on books and other sources originally published in print. It also contains 21 historic editions of the Bible in English.
    A resource site for poetry and poets. Here you can learn about the history, meaning, and types of poetry, as well as terms often used when reading and studying poetry. There is also the resource page: a series of links to various poetry sites for daily poetry, poetry organizations, poet biographies, and more.
  • WorldCat
    Lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world. Over 1 billion items in more than 10,000 libraries worldwide, the list includes books, movies, journal articles, music, and even downloadable content.