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  • Babelfish
    Use the online translator for dozens of languages. Translate a block of text or even an entire webpage.

  • Fodor's Language
    Traveling? Find useful phrases and general vocabulary for the country you're off to visit. If you are only planning a brief trip to a few select countries, this is the stop for you.

  • Online Language Dictionaries
    Many online dictionaries for a variety of languages. Arranged alphabetically by language, you can find almost any dictionary to fit your needs.

  • Rosetta Project
    Nearly 7,000 languages are represented in the Rosetta Archive, and you can join any discussion area you'd like to learn more about. Learning a language? Find someone to practice speaking with. If you speak a language, share some lessons, or even speak with others.

  • Say Hello to the World
    Get started learning a new language. The goal of this project is to bring together language resources on the Internet into one convenient place for beginners who would like to learn more about languages from all over the world. Includes cultural information, as well as links for each language.