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Middle School Fiction - 3rd Place


Middle School Fiction - Third Place
The Odyssey
By Camille Lanese

“The war was devastating. Thousands of lives were lost when the Unity wished to combine all the nations together. The rebels tried to hold their territory for as long as possible, but the Unity was just too strong. They crushed the remaining rebels and took over all the nations. But an uprising is coming from the rebels. The leader, Dale Ronan, recruits you to fight for the rebels. Don’t let him down.”

Thirty-two year old Odysseus Delbert paused his new X-Box game The Rebels. He stuck his beefy hand into a bag of Cheetos, pulled out at least twenty of them, and stuffed them in his mouth all at the same time.

“Od! Come down here! My TV isn’t workin’!” called his mother, Mrs. Delbert.

“Comin’ Ma,” he yelled back.

Od lifted himself out of his chair and dragged himself downstairs. When he got there he studied the TV. Then he looked down at his mom’s hands where the remote was.

“Batteries’ probably dead,”

“Get me some new ones,” she sassily replied.

“We’re all out.”

“Go to the store and get me some new ones.”

Od sighed. He grabbed the keys from the counter and trudged out to his tan Chevy.
On his way to the store he spotted a butcher shop and suddenly he hungered for some meat. He parked his car and went in.

“AHHH!” Od screamed, at the dead sheep that was staring at him.

“Come in, come in,” hissed a creepy voice in the corner.

The creepy voice belonged to a white-haired, tiny, crinkly-faced butcher, who only had one eye. The eye looked over Od suspiciously.

“Yes, you will do. Come in,” the butcher nodded approvingly. “My name is Polyphemus.”

“Can I have some meat?” asked Od.

But as soon as Od stepped in, Polyphemus, who had amazing strength for an old man, grabbed him and threw him into the back of the butcher shop.

“Stay in here until it’s time to eat you!” demanded Polyphemus.

Stunned and confused, Od sat in the corner of the room and looked around. Looking back at him were fifty live sheep. Feeling more terrified than he had felt in his entire life, Od ran to the door and pounded on it screaming to be let out. Hearing nothing in reply, he considered what Dale Ronan would do. Od made a plan.

Ten minutes later, Polyphemus came to get five hapless sheep to be butchered. He guided them out into the yard behind the shop and went back in to check on his victim, whom he would never find—for Od had clung to the chest of one of the sheep that had shuffled outside. After he heard Polyphemus go back inside, he sprinted to his car.

When Od returned to his car, he hopped in and drove as fast as he could to his mom’s place. But he must’ve missed the turn because he found himself in unrecognizable neighborhoods. Od looked around and spotted three beautiful women singing on the side of the road. He pulled over and started to ask for directions. The sign in front featured their stage name: The Sirens. He stepped out of his car. Inexplicably he felt very attracted to the women’s singing. But he didn’t notice The Sirens were leading him right into the very busy street.
Just in time a passerby, who had been listening to music on his headphones so he hadn’t heard The Sirens’ song, dove and knocked Od out of the street.

“Thanks! I don’t know what I was doing,” Od explained to his hero.
All that had happened made him forget to ask for directions. But Od didn’t want any more trouble so he tried to find his way on his own.

Minutes later he had to pull over to a little clothing store to use the bathroom. Two women greeted him at the door. The first was tall and skinny, the other was short and plump. Suddenly they moved Od in front of a sparkly mirror. Then they both started talking all at once.
“Scylla, pick him up so I can try these heels.”

“Charybdis, spin him around so I can see how this scarf looks.”

On and on they took turns spinning and picking up Od until he’d had enough and looked around the pink, sparkly shop for an escape. The women were between him and the door. He made a choice and ran for Scylla, the tall, skinny one. She tried to pick him up, but missed, and Od sprinted to his car. He drove home without any more stops and climbed straight into bed. As he was about to close his eyes, Od heard a voice from downstairs.

“Od, where’s my batteries?”

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