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High School Fiction - 1st Place


High School Fiction First Place

Plight in the Woods
Haley Lash

A muffled scream is often silenced when thrust into the meaty paws of masculine authority; a stolen child's golden hair intricately braided into a web of infamy.  Clasping misplaced strands and murdering unpolished perfection, the tattered cerulean ribbon waved grievously in the ever-pressing wind, the breeze a merciless dictator.  Satin ends worn thin by caustic silence waltzed begrudgingly to the forest's musical scent; a hickory ballroom floor conjured beneath a moonlit dome.

As a deliciously shattered scene devoured nature's uninhabited bliss, much of the large vegetative bounty failed to peck from within a well-curtained bud.  The few remnants of purity which bloomed successfully were noticeably tainted and tinged a putrid maroon; a discarded innocent's vitality recounted by a forest turned bystander, shedding tears of blood. Her unedited cries tagged every tree trunk rooted benign in the woods; her soft pleas an instigative melody to the unyielding pursuer.
The innocent's small feet caressed the compact trail, each footstep drumming a rhythmic plea in Morse code, calling forward anyone willing to listen.  Stumbling over shrubs and militant perennials, she ransacked every tangible chasm with the sole intent of evading detriment by becoming abducted within the vastness of a woodland backdrop.  The synonymic, rugged landscape thrust before her resembled a product of continual reproduction like an image cast upon a thousand shattered mirrors; each glimpsing a single movement before tossing her reflection to an identical neighbor.  Glancing behind a waterfall of relinquished curls, the young girl stole a glimpse of the hulking predator quickly consuming the preliminary distance between them; the doll he'd used to coax her now hung dangling, a flailing omen tucked around the waistline of his jeans.

Sensing the dismal proximity, the immoral character increased his fleeting momentum until he loomed a mere handful of feet away, close enough to be welcomed by the scent of his victim's radiating fear.  Shattering all optimistic hope for the young girl's unscathed return, the man drove forward, impelled by uncontainable desire and murderous thirst.  The sheer potency of the tackle sent the sinless doe crashing near a trickling stream; steady drops slowly accepting their pilgrimage down the riverbank.  Realizing that the harrowing expenditure was nearing its savage finale, the man withdrew a slender hunting knife, fully naked without the accompaniment of a leather holster.  He need not whisper a single utterance, for a quick indication of silence echoed the animalistic retribution engulfing his perverted silhouette, revealing an arsenal of unspeakable intentions.
Lying discarded among autumn's collection of weathered stones, the young girl glimpsed an infant Bluebird whom recently slipped undetected from a nest above.  Its once flawless wings were now heterogeneous tufts, crawling with the organic scenery of small twigs and crinkled leaves.  Just like the child, the lifeless creature's absence would spark controversy; yet with time, memories that refused to heal correctly would be forcefully buried to preserve the lives of those left behind.  Inhaling the last shard of painful consciousness, the juvenile's concluding thought was how her death would soon join that of a blue-streaked companion.

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