Library Funding

How does Southwest Public Libraries receive funding to provide library services?

Southwest Public Libraries receives funding from two primary sources. The first is the Public Library Fund, which is funded by the State of Ohio and consists of 1.7% of General Revenue Fund taxes collected by the State. This fund provides 62% of SPL's funding, and revenue has been significantly down in 2024. The other primary source of funding (35%) is the 1 mill property tax approved by voters in November, 2010 and renewed in 2020. Money collected from library fines, fees, donations, and interest earned on investments accounts for 3% of SPL's funding. 

What local taxes does SPL receive?

Southwest Public Libraries collects approximately $2.6 million each year from a 1 mill property tax levy that was approved by voters in November, 2010 and renewed in 2020. This property tax is for 10 years. Prior to the November, 2010 passage of the property tax levy, SPL had never received any money from a local tax and relied exclusively on funding from the State of Ohio. 

Library Services

Are art display and exhibit areas available?

Display areas are available to reserve on a monthly basis for artists and collectors of all ages. Pick up an application at the library or call 875-6716, extension 160 for details.

Does SPL have technology training classes?

Programs offering introductions to computer and Internet use are occasionally offered. Visit the Library Programs and Events Page for current programs.

Are meeting rooms available for the public?

Yes. Click here to find available meeting and study rooms by date. After a one-time registration, patrons can search the date they want to book and find what space is available. Grove City Library offers use of its large and small meeting rooms and three quiet study rooms with Smart Boards. Westland Area Library's large meeting room can also be reserved online. An individual or group can reserve meeting space three times a month for up to four hours at times, but no one can book a room more than three months in advance. No groups may charge admission, sell products, conduct a fundraiser or serve hot or catered food out of a meeting. There is a $25 fee charged for "for profit" events. There is no charge for events or groups that are not organized to make a profit such as educational organizations, church-affiliated groups, homeowner associations, community organizations and charitable organizations.

How much does it cost to print from a library computer?

Black and White copies cost 10 cents each and color copies cost 50 cents each.

Does the library have PCs available for word processing?

Both the Grove City Library and the Westland Area Library have several computers with Microsoft Word along with spreadsheet and other applications.

Does the library offer wireless Internet access?

Yes it does. And it's free!. Just bring your laptop into the library.  Electrical outlets are available at some tables.  The library's rules for Internet access apply to wireless access as well.  The library's wireless Internet connection is filtered.

Does the library have computers with Internet access?

Yes, all Southwest Public Libraries have several computers dedicated to Internet access.

All SPL Internet computers are filtered
Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis
Rules and regulations are posted at each SPL location.

Your Library Account

What do I do if I have lost or damaged library materials?

If a library material is lost or damaged, the patron who has responsibility for the card must pay for or replace the item in question. For items that are no longer in circulating condition or are lost/not returned to the library, the entire cost of the item(s) will be reflected on the patron’s account. In the case of a lost/damaged disc for an audio book, the patron would only be charged $10 per damaged/lost disc instead of the cost of the whole item.

Patrons can pay online (through My Account on the library’s website) or at the library with cash or their credit/debit card. The library does not accept personal checks or money orders.

Patrons can also bring a replacement copy of the lost or damaged item into the library, and the library will then waive the cost of the lost or damaged item. The replacement copy must be:

  • The same title
  • The same format
    • The ISBN (for a book) or the UPC number (for A/V) must match the original
    • For example, the library will not take a paperback instead of a hardback, a DVD instead of a Blu-ray, a trade paperback instead of a large print, etc.
  • In “like-new” or “new” condition – items that are clearly used, marked, dog-eared, worn or have stickers/stamps on them will not be accepted
  • Patrons should check with the library if they have questions about these requirements.
    • Purchasing an item does not guarantee the library will accept it as a suitable replacement.

If your library items are stolen, file a police report listing the items in questions, and present a copy of the report to library staff. Staff will then waive the cost of the stolen items from the patron’s account.

What do I do if my library card is lost or stolen?

Notify the library as soon as possible. Speak with a staff member or call 614-875-6716 ext. 501 (Grove City) or 614-878-1301 ext. 601 (Westland). You are responsible for all items checked out on your library card prior to the report.

How do I inform the library if I change my address?

If you change your address you can log into My Account with your library card number and PIN, click on "Contact Information and Preferences", fill in your new address information and click on "Submit Change Request". You can also come to the Customer Service Desk at either location with a current photo ID to change your address.

How can I check the status of my library account?

You can check your account online and by phone. Call 614-875-6716 ext. 501 (Grove City) or 614-878-1301 ext. 601 (Westland) with your library card number handy and receive your account information including due dates, overdue fines and the status of reserved items. To check your account online, from the homepage click on the "My Account" link. You will be prompted for your library card number and PIN.

What are the different ways I can pay any fees on my account?

Any fees on your account can be paid at either SPL location by cash, credit/debit card and some mobile payment options.. You can also pay them online with Visa or MasterCard through our website at by clicking on "My Account," entering your library card number and PIN and selecting "Pay your fines/fees online."

Payments by check can be mailed to the library at this address:
Southwest Public Libraries
Attn: Patron Services
3959 Broadway
Grove City, OH 43123 
Please include the library card number on the check. 

How do I reserve library materials?

Patrons may place holds on most materials found in the library catalog. The library shares a catalog with other CLC members. There is no charge for borrowing materials from other member libraries, and patrons may initiate their own requests through the library catalog or website or ask for staff to help request materials from consortium member libraries. 

A patron may reserve up to 50 print items, 30 audio items, 10 digital items, 10 movies, 2 video games and 10 CD-Roms on his or her record at one time.

To place a reserve for a single item in the online catalog, click on the "Place Request" button. This link can be found on the right side of the screen beneath the “Where Is It?” and “Full Display” icons. Follow the on-screen instructions, entering your library card number, PIN and selecting a pick-up location. Click on "Continue" to place your reserve.
You will be notified by phone or email when the item is available.

What is a "PIN"?

This is your Personal Identification Number to with your card. It will typically be the last four digits of your telephone number unless you choose a different number. The PIN increases the security of your library card.

Can I renew items online?

Yes, items can be renewed online using the "My Account" feature of the library's catalog. To renew items online, you will need your library card number and PIN. To access "My Account", click on the "My Account" icon on the SPL homepage.

Can I renew library materials over the phone?

Yes, you can call the Grove City Circulation Department at 614-875-6716 ext. 501 or the Westland Area Library Circulation Department at 614-878-1301 ext. 601.

Can library materials be renewed?

Any SPL item can be renewed up to 10 times, provided no other patron has placed a hold on it. SPL will automatically renew items that can be renewed. Items from other libraries might have fewer renewals.

Do materials have to be returned to the library I borrowed them from?

No. Any item checked out at a Southwest Public Libraries location may be returned to either Southwest Public Library location as well as any member library of the Central Library Consortium (CLC). 
For a full list of member libraries, click here.

What are the overdue fines for SPL library materials?

Southwest Public Libraries does not charge daily, incremental fines on overdue library materials. Patrons are still responsible for returning library materials in good condition and in a timely manner.

Failure to return library materials will result in:

  • Account is charged the cost of the overdue materials
  • Account will be blocked from checking out other physical items
  • Account could be sent to collections until items are returned (subject to $12 collection agency fee)

Failure to return Interlibrary Loan, SearchOhio or OhioLINK items will result in the following fees:

  • SearchOhio items: $50 fee per lost item
  • OhioLINK items: $125 fee per lost item
  • Interlibrary Loan: the cost of the item and any associated fees + loss of ILL-lending privileges

For what length of time can I check out library materials?

Borrowing periods are subject to change based on the library’s agreement with the Central Library Consortium (CLC):

  • Books (print and audio) – 21 days
  • Magazines – 7 days
  • Music CDs – 14 days
  • DVDs and Videos – 7 or 14 days
  • Electronic materials’ borrowing periods are determined by the vendor.

What are the borrowing limits on my library card?

Full-Access cards have the following limits:

  • Books, magazines and other print materials – 50 items
  • Audio books and music CDs – 30 items
  • DVDs and videos – 10 items
  • Electronic materials’ borrowing limits are determined by the vendor.

 Children and Teen (CaT) Cards have the following limits:

  • Juvenile and Teen books and audiobooks – 3 items
  • Electronic materials’ borrowing limits are determined by the vendor

At the initial reception of a new full-access library card, the patron applying is limited to 10 items checked out at any given time for a period of one month.
If materials are more than 21 days past due on a patron's account the patron will lose borrowing privileges until the issue is resolved. Blocks on an account that have to do with a bad address report, a security incident, or a lost card will prevent use of card until the issue is resolved.

How do I get a library card for my child?

A patron under age 18 may register for a full-access library card or a CaT (Children and Teen) Card. A full-access card requires the signature of a parent or guardian on the registration form, and the parent or guardian must present the required identification as outlined above. The parent/guardian will have to provide not only ID for themselves but ID for the minor as well. Examples of acceptable forms of child verification are: birth certificate, social security card, insurance or welfare card, juvenile state ID, Lost child ID, most recent school report card, permanent resident green card, or matricula consular. A CaT Card is a fine-free library card that provides limited access to library materials and requires only patron name, school of attendance, and birthdate, if known. No parent signature is required for the CaT card.

How do I get a library card?

Patrons can sign up for a library card at either branch by completing an application available at both branches.

Adults, patrons age 18 and over, and emancipated minors must present valid photo identification with the current, correct mailing address when applying for a card. If the photo ID does not have the current mailing address, the patron may present a utility bill, bank mailing, or other business mail as proof of address.

Additionally, patrons can apply for a card online by clicking this link. Upon completion of approval process, you will receive a temporary barcode number (PACREGXXXXXXX). You can use this number to reserve books and use the library’s digital resources. To get your library card, come to either SPL location with a valid photo ID and stop by the Customer Service Desk.

Library Hours

Mon-Thu      9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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