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  • Biographies Reference Bank
    H. W. Wilson's collection of 120,000+ biographies from over 60 reference titles, thousands of biographical magazine articles, and over 32,000 printable images. Search by name, profession, ethnic background, place of birth, and more.

  • Student Research Center
    EBSCO's Student Research Center makes it easy for students to search by keyword or by topic to find the most useful search results. Results can be easily sorted by source type - -magazines, reference books, photos, flags, etc.

  • Enciclopedia Universal en Español La más comprensiva enciclopedia en español, de la Encyclopædia Brittanica, con más de 47,000 articulos, 8,300 fotos, tablas, mapas, banderas, e imágenes; un diccionario con 65, 000 palabras; un atlas del mundo detallando los países, las mapas, las estadísticas, las ciudades mayores, la distribución de lad idiomas y las religiones del mundo; y la cronología de los eventos importantes de la historia en una forma gráfica.

    The most comprehensive encyclopedia in the Spanish language, from Encyclopædia Brittanica, with over 47,000 articles; 8,300 photos, tables, maps, flags, and images; a dictionary with 65,000 entries; a world atlas detaling countries, maps, statistics, major world cities, and distribution of languages and religions; and timelines that show the events of the past in rich graphical form.

  • Kids Search
    This fun, lively interface lets young researchers explore various subjects and interesting sources of information.

  • Searchasaurus
    Searchasaurus is a search tool designed for children, featuring the following areas: EBSCO's Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, Encyclopedia of Animals, General Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Pictures. Young researchers can find great information on topics like animals, history, health, science, and what's in the news.