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Sony Reader Help

Downloading to Your Sony Reader

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get digital content on your Sony Reader.
Have questions? Ask a staff member or call one of the SPL locations for assistance.

Step A. How to Check Out an EPUB or PDF eBook
Using your personal computer (not a library computer) with an Internet connection:
1. Visit the Digital Downloads section under the Digital Library tab at to find a book
2. Click Add to Cart
3. Click Proceed to Checkout
4. Select Southwest Public Libraries PIN (last 4 of telephone number) option from the Library drop down menu
5. Type your Library Card number in the box
6. Select Login
7. Click Confirm Check Out
8. My Bookshelf will display with your book

Step B. How to Download to Your PC
This device has its own software called Reader. It does not use Adobe Digital Editions.
Visit to get Sony Reader software.
1. Download the eBook to your hard drive
2. Connect your Sony Reader Daily to your computer using the USB cord provided with your device
3. An icon will appear in a window on the device that will install Reader
4. Run this installer and when it is done, open the program
5. The window will pop up and show what is in the Library. Your EPUB file will be here.

Step C.How to Transfer from Your Computer to Your Sony Reader
1. Click Library
2. Click List View
3. Left click and drag the book from the right side to left pane showing your Sony Reader device
4. Click the Safely Remove Device option found in the lower, right corner
5. After the Safe to Remove Hardware message displays, unplug your Sony Reader from your computer

Step D.How to Begin Reading on Your Sony Reader
1. When the eBook has been downloaded and the device disconnected from the computer,
the eBook will be on the Home screen
2. Press on the icon of the eBook to begin reading

The downloaded book will remain in the Digital Editions folder on the Sony Daily Reader.
Purchased items will show on the Books screen.

When the OverDrive content expires, you will need to manually erase the eBook.

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